Medjool Jumbo Dates, Bio, 3kg

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  • Medjool Jumbo dates, Bio - 3kg Datulės LT Premium

    Sold out. We recommend Californian Medjool dates, bio, 3kg.

    Datulės LT Bulk (Medjool Jumbo Bio) contains 3kg of organic Medjool dates, ideal for customers seeking larger quantities of dates. This package is perfect for storing your favourite snack without having to worry about having a shortage.

    The Medjool Date is the largest date variety, with flesh both moist and plump — covered in a thin, soft skin, Medjools are chewy and sweet. Their rich flavor tastes like caramel. No pesticides, additives, or preservatives are used in the cultivation or the packaging process.

    Net weight: 3kg – BIO

    Product origin: Israel.

    Best before: 07/2020.

    How to store dates: 

    • For 1 – 5 months: keep the dates in the fridge
    • For 5 – 12 months: keep the dates in the freezer

    Always keep the dates in a box or an airtight container so they don’t get dry.

    Recommended serving temperatures for dates: 

    • Soft and juicy dates such as Nabta, Oasi, Alsaka, Sukari Soft taste great when cold or even frozen (try frozen Sukari, it’s like a mini date ice cream!)
    • Medium soft dates like Segaj or Medjool can be served cold (from the fridge) or at room temperature
    • Chewy dates such as Mabrum, Ajwa, Safavi, Sukari Chewy Caramel should be served at room temperature, otherwise they’re too hard and chewy

    Press the dates lightly with your fingers to check how soft they are.


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