• 1. Are your dates natural?

    Yes, our dates are 100% natural

    2. Do your dates have added sugar?

    No. Our dates are without any additives, also without added sugar.

    3. What makes your dates special?

    Our dates are 100% natural and clean product without any additives. Non-GMO, no added sugar or glucose syrup, not treated with any chemicals, preservative-free. To keep the dates always fresh and delicious, after harvest all dates are kept cold in appropriate temperature. That is why our dates are so delicious and always of the best quality.

    4. Which dates do you recommend to try first?

    For the first time we recommend to try: Oasi, Sukari, Nabta.

    5. Do your dates need to be washed before eating?

    Our dates are clean product. We put care and attention to every date we provide. It is not necessary to wash our dates. Of course, sometimes you can find a dusty or sandy date, it is natural, so in that case you should wash or clean it before eating.

    6. You sell many different date varieties. What are the main differences?

    Every date variety has different and unique taste, texture and softness. Soft or juicy dates are: Oasi, Nabta, Sukari Soft, Alsaka, Deglet Nour, Californian Medjool.
    Other varieties are a little bit drier and chewy, have a rich taste.

    7. What is a difference between Sukari Soft and Sukari Chewy?

    Sukari Soft – soft/juicy dates.
    Sukari Chewy – drier/chewy, naturally dried in the sun on the palm tree. The texture of Sukari Chewy reminds toffee.

    8. Which dates are softest and juiciest?

    Nabta, Oasi, Alsaka, Deglet Nour, Sukari Soft and Californian Medjool dates.

    9. Which dates are dry and chewy?

    Mabrum, Safavi, Sukari Chewy Caramel, Kudri, Segaj, Ajwa.

    10. Which dates are less sweet?

    Segaj, Alsaka, Safavi, Deglet Nour.

    11. Why pitted dates are cheaper than unpitted dates?

    Pitted dates are specially made for food makers, so they do not look nice as pitted ones. Also, pitted dates might be pressed or sticked together.

    12. Where to use date syrup and date paste?

    Date syrup replaces refined table sugar in many recipes. You can use it to sweeten hot or cold drinks, smoothies, coffee, put on pancakes, porridge, pastries.
    Date paste is used instead of refined sugar in desserts, pastries, baked goods. You can spread it on crackers or french toast. Date paste can be used in every dish where dates are used. You can mix the paste with nuts, seeds, make energy balls and enjoy a healthy snack. If you need a date paste to be liquid, keep in a room temperature about an hour and mix with a splash of water. You can use it instead of table sugar in the pastries and other baked goods. If you add a splash of oat milk and a pinch of sea salt, you will get a healthy "caramel". You can add this "caramel" to pancakes or porridge. Take your imigination!
    You can find recipes with our date syrup and date paste here.

    13. What are shipping times to Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania?

    Paid orders are delivered within 1-2 working days to Omniva parcel machines in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania.

    14. Do you ship to other EU countries? What are shipping times to EU countries?

    Yes. Orders to all other EU countries are delivered by DPD courier in 3-5 working days.

    15. I have a health food store and would like to sell your products. How should I contact you?

    Contact us by e-mail info@datules.lt or phone +370-677-59559.

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